Micro Focus Fortify Customers List

Connect with your prospects with our verified Micro focus customers list. Designed for DevOps teams, Micro Focus Fortify is an end-to-end application security solution, with many businesses using their software attributes online, they become vulnerable to attacks often, solutions like these provide security to the DevOps team. 

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How B2B Data Corp Micro Focus Fortify Customers List Can Help You Grow Your Business

If your brand offers a similar solution wherein your solution does it better, then we believe you must promote your brand to the companies using microfocus fortify application. Put your marketing strategy along with our Micro Focus Fortify customers list to work and reach out to your prospects seamlessly.

A marketing strategy alone can never promise you great results since it requires a genuine and verified list of prospects to churn out results in real-time. Therefore we bring you, a verified microfocus fortify customer’s email list, that will help you reach your prospects to endorse your brand to generate more leads.

B2B Data Corp has been the leading B2B contact facilitator for many prominent businesses across the country, we pledge to help our clients in their marketing campaign, by providing the contact list of their target audience, our email database is 100% verified and collected from legitimate sources.

Reasons why you should purchase a mailing list from B2B Data Corp

Authentic data

B2B Data Corp hosts an extensive network of data partners spread across the globe, who feeds us with the relevant data of individuals and organizations collected from various legitimate sources like yellow pages, online and offline listing, business directories, seminars registrations, webinar subscriptions, trade shows, and much more. We only accept the data that is absolutely authentic because we believe in no room for errors and inaccuracies.

Multiple verifications

Once our data partners deliver us the data, it is processed through multiple verifications, we house state-of-the-art technology and tools for data mining, verification, and database management. Before compiling the database, the data is verified by our data experts and automated tools, every year our data team makes millions of calls to ensure the authenticity of the database. We invest heavily in acquiring and curating the database to make it error-free, so that, our clients connect with the right person and turn them into a lead.

Flexible customization options

Marketers often get wonderstruck by all the information we provide in our database, hence we have introduced the option to customize your mailing list based on your requirements. Handpick information that is most relevant to you. In addition to that, we also offer packages of data curated to suit most of the marketing campaigns.

Multi-channel marketing

As mentioned above, we offer a plethora of details from which you can benefit from more ways than one, use our comprehensive list to compel your marketing campaign on multiple fronts, you can choose to actively propagate your messages through email marketing, telemarketing, SMS marketing, direct marketing.

Pocket-friendly prices

We have priced the microfocus fortify customer’s email list at an unbelievably affordable price, at a very competitive price many marketers prefer B2B Data Corp as their data partner. As they call it, our database has earned its place in marketers’ hearts for being affordable and effective.

Data policies compliant

We ensure that the database we curate is strictly compliant with the various data policies such as CAN-SPAM. ANTI-SPAM, GDPR, CCPA. Because, violating these guidelines might raise unpleasant consequences, so we pay our utmost in curating your database.