Accurate Data
  • Imperva Customers List

    Imperva has its fair share of dominance in the software industry, as it provides cyber and data security products. This is the best opportunity for marketers looking to connect with the companies using Imperva. Because we at B2B Data Corp have compiled Imperva customers list that contains genuine contact information companies using Imperva.

Increase your sales and ROI with our verified email list

Automated Verification

Before making it to the final version of the email list, the collected information is processed through multi-tier verifications, powered by automated verification programs the database is cleansed of any irregularities, redundant data, duplicates, and errors. After a series of automated verification, the database is manually verified.

Marketing Campaign

we are aware of the fact that the success of a marketing campaign depends on a validated email list, it is very important for an email list to be absolutely authentic and verified thoroughly. One of the parameters for compiling our email list is, only the information of an individual or company that is more likely to become a lead and convert into a paying customer is given priority.


The opt-in process plays an important role in compiling our email list, it is a process where prospects and potential customers submit their details with us to get promotional messages in relevance to their industry or line of work. Therefore, providing our clients with the contact information of leads ready to convert as paying customers.

Salient features of B2B Data Corp Imperva customer’s list that makes it unique:

  • Absolutely authentic data
  • Both automated and manually verified.
  • Highly responsive
  • 5 million verification calls every month
  • Available at a competitive price
  • Supports multi-channel marketing (Telemarketing, SMS marketing, Direct marketing, Email marketing)
  • Zero bounce rate
  • 100% calls and email verified
  • 100% deliverability
  • High open, and click-through rates

Benefits of using B2B Data Corp Imperva customer’s list: