Data Validation Services

Data validation is the process of database scrubbing to make it accurate and up-to-date, which involves stringent data validation techniques. The data compiled in a database decays with time, and a set of redundant or incomplete data can have a direct impact on a marketing campaign. Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate all the outdated data elements and fill the gaps with fresh data.

Strengthen Your Business with Valid Customer Data

Businesses depend on an accurate database to maximize their target audience outreach. You can enhance your marketing campaign with our data validation service, which gets rid of incorrect, outdated, redundant, incomplete data fields. Our data validation service offers promising results like increased open rates and reduced bounce rates from your marketing campaign.


The Process of Data Validation

A marketing campaign can achieve higher response, better leads, extensive target audience outreach, higher deliverability rate only with a validated database. The process ensures the database is equipped with high-quality data that has accurate contact information of the target audience with buyer intent. The data validation technique involves the following steps to cleanse your database and make it error-free.

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Data Input

Our automated data validation tool compares your data with a master database for mapping and deep analysis. Errors, gaps, and inconsistencies in the database are identified for elimination in further steps.

Data validation

The identified data fields are eliminated and filled with new relevant data that fills the gaps and makes the database consistent throughout.

Omnichannel validation

The scrubbed database is put to test by our vast data validation team, each data field is cross-checked by making calls, and sending emails to ensure the data is capable of multi-channel marketing.

Validated database

A validated database ensures higher customer acquisition, engagement, and retention. Our data experts inspect the database for data accuracy and data policies compliance.

Benefits of validating your data