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JD Edwards Customers List

Revamp Your Marketing Campaign With Our Premium List Of Companies Using JD Edwards. JD Edwards has gained quite some popularity over the last few decades, with more and more organizations employing it, it has become a daunting task for marketers to keep track of the professionals using it, therefore we have curated a list of companies using JD Edwards ERP solution.

  • Get B2B Data Corp custom customer data of every single industry, profile & geography across the world.

Gain Lucrative Results with B2B Data Corp JD Edwards Customers List

Oracle’s JD Edwards is cloud-based enterprise resource planning(ERP) software that helps entrepreneurs manage their finance, distribution, HR, consumer products, and more by furnishing relevant tools and solutions that help in saving time, effort, and business costs. If your marketing strategy involves connecting with these organizations and professionals using this ERP solution, then our mailing list will serve you perfectly to reach your target audience. Reaching the right target audience has always been the ultimate goal of marketers because it is the main factor through which one can promote their brand and attract more customers, our JD Edwards customers list will help you reach businesses of all sizes small, mid, and large.

We at B2B Data Corp help businesses in their marketing spree by providing a list of contact details of their target audience, with the help of our JD Edwards customers email list you can multiply your customer base in multiple folds, and deploy a marketing campaign on multiple fronts since our email list supports multi-channel marketing. Our email database boasts an accuracy and deliverability rate of 95%, with such exciting metrics you are bound to generate more leads than ever, build a better brand image, reach new prospects, widen your customer base, and build new business relationships with individuals and organizations overseas as well. All the data we collect is extracted from legitimate sources to maintain adequate accuracy thereby helping you get more response from your prospects leading to better conversion rates, using inaccurate and irrelevant data for marketing has been a nightmare for many marketers, but with our highly precise and verified email list you can eliminate this obstacle and reach the right people. Prominent businesses large and small size have witnessed positive statistics and exponential growth wherein our email database was used in their marketing campaign.

Key Features That make Our Email Database Exceptional

We at B2B Data Corp, employ various data mining, data science, database management tools, and technology run by a meticulous team of data experts and scientists who are responsible for collating data from genuine sources, in addition to that, we procure data from our data partners network widespread across the globe, this ensures that we deliver only the most authentic and relevant data. After the data is collected, it goes through multiple verification checks both manual and automated, our data team every year makes millions of calls to verify the validity of the data. We invest a huge chunk of our resources to keep the database fresh, up-to-date and authentic.

Avail a segmented database curated by our experts that fulfills most marketers requirement, however, we also believe that every business and the dynamics therein differ from other, therefore we offer a wide range of customization, which allows our clients to handpick details according to their requirement that better suits their campaign. The process of customizing the list and the details therein help gain more response and the chance to promote your brand to the right prospects, we promise to deliver an email list that has a great response rate.

We in our mailing list offer an array of details such as name, phone number, email address, job role, company name, industry type, company size, revenue size, and more relevant data fields that enable you to promote your brand via e in email marketing, SMS marketing, telemarketing, direct marketing.

We offer to cater to our client’s needs at an unbelievably affordable price, you don’t have to spend a bomb anymore to acquire an authentic list free of any errors, our customers rely on us for the affordability and effectiveness of our mailing list, not only will you generate more leads but also improve your ROI.

Not adhering to the relevant data policies thereby leads to unpleasant consequence wherein your messages are flagged as spam and sometimes gets your domain banned, therefore, we compile our email list keeping in mind guidelines such as ANTI-SPAM, CAN-SPAM, CCPA, GDPR, our database is strictly compliant with these policies.

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